DSGVO: The stormy started'pferd wird langsam totgeritten''pferd wird langsam totgeritten'

The Data Protection Basic Ordinance (DSGVO) is at its start three years ago as "Big Bang" has been perceived, Johnny Ryan explained from the Burger Rights Organization Irish Council for Civil Liberties on Tuesday at an online conference of the Data Protection Foundation to the Jubilaum of International Varied Regulations. The Embassy from Europe has been: "We mean the seriousness." Everyone should stick to it. But from this approach is little remained.

Not much ripped

Ryan remembered the early time in which the DSGVO was applicable for the first time, at that time he worked in San Francisco and the Internet bounts in the Silicon Valley had asked the question at that time: "Will that be enforced?" They ultimately have come to the conclusion that they did not have much to bleed and history now give them coarse part right.

The bottleneck in enforcement is the Irish privacy workers, the Data Protection Commission (DPC), Ryan is compliant with numerous observers. She is stateful for the coarse fish, because Google, Facebook, Twitter Co. Have its European headquarters in Ireland. The DPC parts to be fate, be underfinanced, with many supervisors in the EU, the industry expert who is from the browser manufacturer Brave. In addition, there are also structural problems at the authority.

Iranian leadership emport over troll factory in tirana

Auben minister Javad Zariv complains about "regime change"-Propaganda on social networks, which the People’s Mujahedin (MEK) from Albania for the U.S. government operates

About 1.000 employees of the secretive MEK organization are destabilizing Iran online near the Albanian capital of Tirana in preparation for the longed-for regime change. This was reported in the past days by al-Monitor and earlier by al-Jazeera. It is undeniable that the activities from Albania are poking fun at the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

"Coordinated manipulation"

Javad Zariv complained on Twitter to CEO Jack Dorsey that accounts of real Iranians were being deleted on the grounds that they were part of an influence operation – "influence op" -, were blocked, while Twitter did not take any action against bots posting from Tirana "regime change"-Propaganda for Washington D.C. transpired.

Car companies in Malaysia, Iran and Turkey with new business idea

Together with companies in Turkey and Iran, the state-owned car manufacturer Proton in Malaysia is planning to develop "Islamic cars". According to Proton manager Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, the idea originated in Iran. Apparently one believes to have discovered here a market gap for a world-wide export.

The plan is apparently to select a type of car that will be produced in the three countries with government assistance and equipped with Islamic accessories. However, they have not been particularly imaginative so far. The idea is to equip the cars with a compass so that they will always know where Mecca is located. There are also supposed to be compartments for storing the Koran or headscarves.

Aircraft must fly: how to stay fit in Corona times Jets

The aircraft mechanic Katrin Storeck shrugs the flashlight. At the Aubenhaut of the Airbus A340 she also searches for the hidden angles after the possibility of adhesive the film with which the engines were covered. After a month of life, the Lufthansa Jet should fly to Miami in a few hours. For Storeck and her colleagues in the Frankfurt long-distance maintenance, this means a lot of work.

In the Corona crisis, international air traffic has come almost to the stand out: a gross part of the world’s approximately 25.000 Active passenger jets was at once at the ground. Continuing travel covers in the non-lusted pandemic and the economic recession inhibit the restart of the airlines.

Keep flying, moth or fly

The flight plan is created only a short time in advance, so that a quite complicated puzzle creates when which aircraft should be used on which flight. Even the Lufthansa stands for almost every jet in front of the alternative flies, mottled or almost flying. At the low point of the crisis stood 700 of the 763 corporate yields on the ground, in the fall 380 airlines and thus about half of the fleet be back in the air, CEO Carsten Spohr has explored.

Death by review: Decor 745,000 Tote - Understanding counterclaims

Long working hours Costs of a UN study according to a hundred thousands of human life. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) expect that around 398 worldwide in 2016.000 people on stroke and about 347.000 at coronary heart disease died because they had worked 55 hours per week or more. No job is worth this risk, said WHO General Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

"Governments, employers and workers have to agree on limits for the protection of working people."

Through revision, according to the 2016, the analysis was lost worldwide around 23 million healthy years of life – more than through injuries or misprollusions that have been seen so far as the large polluters of health damage in the workplace. The risk of cardiovascular diseases is increasing strongly from 55 hours weekly working time. On the one hand, the body and mental stress causes these diseases, explained co-author Jian Li from the University of California in Los Angeles. Additionally, there are indirect factors such as smoking, alcohol, too little movement and sleep shortness.

Outdated japan-fantasy ridiculousness

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – different carnage on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3

Kojima Productions has always been known for its pathetically narrated video game blockbusters, in which the heroes advance needle-stick-like; Platinum Games, on the other hand, stands for quirky insane action, which could hardly be staged more exaggeratedly. Now the paths of the two Japanese top developers are crossing. The result is called Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and is supposed to add the mentioned strengths.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is set in the science fiction universe conceived by video game developer Hideo Kojima in 1987. While the Metal Gear-games, which were later named after their hero Solid Snake Metal Gear Solid renamed one of the most influential in the stealth action genre, Kojima Productions developer Platinum Games is turning the tables on the competition. The leading role this time is played by Raiden, who was elected in 2001 in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Playstation 2) had his first appearance and a second time in 2008 in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Playstation 3) returned. Now he has his own spin-off, which follows the sword-fighting action of games like Ninja Gaiden or Onimusha, and adds to the genre of fast-paced combo action-adventures like Devil May Cry, God of War or Bayonetta adds another entry to the list – Metal Gear-Fans, die Stealth-Action erwarten, seien also gewarnt.

The war in Syria and Iraq is also good for the arms business, in which the USA is losing ground

In Syria, Russia has now taken the helm, it seems. The airstrikes on positions held by opposition groups are intended to strengthen the Assad government, which is allied with Moscow, and to enhance its status as the decisive force in resolving the conflict. Tactically, the main goal so far has been to enable the Syrian army to launch an offensive on Aleppo in order to weaken and encircle the opposition groups that control large parts of the provinces of Aleppo and Idlib, thus triggering a new wave of refugees (Aleppo: major offensive by the Syrian army and thousands of people fleeing).

Russian President Putin quickly put together a small coalition of his own before the intervention began, including Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq. The states have established a joint headquarters in Baghdad to coordinate the fighting in Syria. Moreover, the intelligence services of the four countries are cooperating and exchanging information.

Microsoft: Confusion for supposedly exclusive Dolby Atmos and Vision

Microsoft has provided with a meanwhile blog entry for the supposed exclusivity of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision for confusion. In the console sector, the display and audio techniques remained Xbox-exclusive, basten it in the official French Xbox blog. By 2023, fans of game consoles could use Dolby techniques out of use on the Xbox. The blog entry had made Microsoft quickly, but numerous media reported on the basis of a ticked version over the supposed exclusivity.

The technical magazine The Verge explained Microsoft, but now, the blog entry contained incorrect information. He was accidentally published, the information contained in the exclusion of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision are also incorrect. "There is no exclusive agreement for the Dolby formats on the Xbox". How it could come to the accidentally published blog entry, which contained specially produced demo videos and images is unclear. Dolby also confirmed the verge that there is no exclusive agreement. "We look forward to offering Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos possible with a wide range of gamers."

The Dolby Atmos format promises better surround sound, Dolby Vision should offer as HDR alternative brighter highlights, sharp contrast and vivid colors. Both are already working on the Series X and the Series S already: Dolby Atmos support the Microsoft consoles already since the market launch, as long as compatible equipment is in the living room. Dolby Vision is located in a pressed test phase on the Xbox consoles.

Climate change could make Antarctic Gruner and forcing species dies

Climate change has been able to strongly urge the plant and wildlife in the Antarctic in the next decades. With the emphasis of the Antarctic gers, species of greener regions are likely to be immigrated and the variety could first increase. Other species were allowed to disappear.

Research results like these wore scientists in the international coarse project "Ant-Era" under spring carrying of the Bremerhavener Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) together. They evaluated hundreds of articles on the Antarctic of the last ten years and summarized them to a surprise article. He is in the journal Biological Reviews appeared.

Problematic changes through climate change

Accordingly, ice-free custodians during the Antarctic summer could bury in the coming decades, because mosses or braiding immigrating. On the other hand, on the other hand, the types of problems adapted to extremely deep temperatures received. "We expect that such species will be backed into the last remaining very cold areas of the Antarctic", said project coordinator Julian Gutt from the AWI. "This also means that these regions will take protection to preserve these species."

Clubhouse Competitor Spaces: Twitter widespread test run

The up-and-coming audio app Clubhouse gets competition from Twitter: the short message service extends the test run of its similar offer spaces to more users. He see opportunities in yielding the exchange of information on Twitter by talking between users, said product boss Kayvon Beykpour at night to Thursday in a conversation at Spaces.

At Clubhouse, numerous users can participate in talks. Only a few of them can talk at the same time. The app won in recent months, among other things, after appearances of celebrities quickly to popularity.

Beykpour also returns the success of the format to the fact that without video image the hurde for participation in a conversation is lower. During Clubhouse, the number of Ruhorer is limited in a valley crowd to 5000, spaces were provided with no restrictions. At the same time, up to ten participants can take the word, but over time it should be more. Twitter had bought the social podcaster app breaker in January to accelerate the development of spaces.